Friday, Sept 11, starting from 13 h until Sunday, Sept, 13, ending at 17:00 h 



From Movement to (Self-)Discovery to Change!

What would you like to be different in your daily life?  


Most of the time we move, think, feel in automatic ways - meaning that we are not really aware of how and what we move, think and feel. Day after day after day. 

And - consequently - we always get the same outcome. An outcome that is often expressed in our bodies as stiffness, soreness, pain… 

But the good news is: we can change that. Our nervous system can be modified. At any age. 


This workshop is for you if one or more of these outcomes are currently true for you AND 

if you want to start changing them... 

- I feel pretty much constantly stressed. 

- Some parts of my body are really stiff. 

- My ability to move is restricted.

- My movement has changed due to an (old) injury. 

- I experience pain. 

- Emotions are trapped in my body. 

- I am not connected to my body. 


Join us if you want to work on this instead...

- I want to move easily, freely and with pleasure. 

- I want to release tension and maybe even pain.

- I want to be soft and strong, stabile and flexible in my joints and soft tissue.

- I want to have a better relationship with my own body.


Our bodies are (made for) movement. 

Movement is the main tool in this workshop. 

Anybody can do it. Expect it to be gentle.

This method is based on and inspired by the Feldenkrais method.

Moreover, texts and quotes will provide explanations, inspiration and source for thought.  


If you have doubts if this is for you, contact me and we’ll find out! // +49 176 619 855 64 (phone call or Whatsapp call) 


Workshop Details 

Where? Apeldoorn, Holland (one hour from Amsterdam)

Costs: 375,- €

What Else? I am available for private sessions before and after the workshop

For workshop or private sessions registration contact Janneke Venema // +31 624 796 644  


Optional: Individual sessions with Kora before or after the workshop 

Individual session approx. 90 Min = 90 €