Cortical Field Re-Education® (CFR) - Moving with Awareness 

Today's lifestyle, disease and injuries, mental and emotional conditions - all these can lead to non-economic movements, compensations or even pain. Often we aren't aware of the cause of these kinds of discomfort. Therefore we aren't able to initiate changes in order to improve our state of being and feeling. However, sometimes the solution is really not that far away! It may help to direct our own awareness and attention to ourselves - in a curious and interested way. Like that we get to know ourselves better and start feeling our own body and its movements more profoundly. And so, consequently, we may release tension, change inefficient movement patterns, stop unnecessary effort and relieve pain. In short: we may unburden our live! 


The method (CFR) I am offering was developed in the USA by the former Feldenkrais student Harriet Goslins (check for further information)

The student is guided through a set of slow movements during so called floor lessons. Most of the times, floor lessons are done lying on the floor in order to avoid having to react to gravity. In so called table lessons the student is mainly passive lying on a massage table and being touched and moved by me. With my help the student detects movement patterns and may improve them. Both kinds of lessons increase self perception and awareness as well as freedom and quality of movement. May these movements be done in daily life (for example in walking, driving, getting dressed, reaching, getting up etc.) or while playing sports or practicing Yoga. In order to stay mobile and free in your body for as long as possible, it's a good idea to press the "reset button" from time to time, to remove compensatory patterns from your movement and to offer yourself new possibilities. This happens by creating new neurological pathways in your brain, i.e. our brain learns! This method is based on the Feldenkrais method but it's not identical. 


Please contact me here for further information or for scheduling an appointment. 


Students' experiences 

- after Table Lessons: 

"My experience with the table sessions in CFR was extraordinary. The first time it was a purely physical and rather relaxing sensation and I was amazed what effect these gentle movements had on my body and even more so on my body memory. 

My second session was extremely emotional. I came in for a tense neck but left with something taken off my soul..." 



- after a two-day-workshop with me and two of my teachers:

"More than a week after the workshop I am still remembering the weekend with you, Laura and Judy with enthusiasm. I learnt so much even though some of the lessons  were difficult and eye opening to me. The workshop has definitely changed the way I am observing my body, it's weak spots and my thoughts during day to day life. It was impactful to me how you guys considered all of the individual issues that we all brought to the lessons and how you helped us deal with them in each lessons and how much you focused on discovering my "hip issue" with me. 



"I got closer to myself to fully understand myself"