Thai-Massage is a combination of a pressure point massage, joint mobilization, stretching and passive, rhythmic movements. I apply flowing movements using the palms and heels fo my hands, my fingers, elbows, underarms, knees and feet. The massage is given on the floor. The receiver wears comfortable clothes and lies on his/her back or belly and occasionally takes a seated posture.

Apart from the applied techniques I learned in various courses I also rely on my intuition when massaging. I take the time to energetically connect with the receiver in order to sense what his/her body needs. In the end, it is the receiver him/herself that can open up, let go of body tension and relax completely since I am just offering inducement and support. Depending on the willingness and capability to let go, it is possible to loosen up even severely tight muscles during a soft Thai-Massage.

After receiving a Thai-Massage you will feel very relaxed but energetic.

For appointments and prices please contact me here.    0176 619 855 64

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