2-day Workshop: Saturday + Sunday

27-28 April 2019


Let's tap into our "baby brains": 

Gentle movement

Slow explorations

Mostly done on the floor in order to avoid habitual responses to gravity


What can you expect?

- feeling of relaxation

- increased body awareness

- release of body tension and stress 




The movement-based technique called Cortical Field Re-Education was created in the USA and is based on the Feldenkrais method but goes beyond.

It is a way of finding deep relaxation and of getting interesting insights about how you move (or don't move). The movement explorations will help you to increase your range of motion and move more freely. We will EXPLORE movement (so it's not a "sports exercise") and we will try to find alternatives and different ways of moving. This is what we did when we were babies teaching ourselves how to turn to our bellies, how to sit up, how to crawl and walk etc.

The method is also an interesting tool for self-reflection and self-consciousness. 


Kora Dierichs, CFR practitioner, Yoga-Thai-Massage and Yoga teacher will gently, warm-heartedly and compassionately guide us through two days of relaxing but exciting movement explorations. 


Place: In Apeldoorn, the location depends on the number of participants and will be decided upon soon

Costs: 250 € (2 full days) 

Optional: Individual sessions with Kora on Friday, 26 April, in the afternoon/evening that will prepare you for the weekend so that you take it in on a deeper level even, please contact Kora or Janneke to schedule your appointment. Individual session approx. 90 Min = 90 €

For questions or registration please contact Kora (English) or Janneke (Dutch). 

Kora: info@kora-yoga.com   //   +49 176 619 855 64 (phone call or Whatsapp call)

Organisation in Holland through Janneke Venema: info@rebalancing-apeldoorn.nl   //   06 2479 6644