Learning to do something in a new, uncommon way 

is a definition of change. 

Join us to learn and change through slow and gentle movement!


Most of the time you move, think, feel in automatic ways - meaning that you are not really aware of how and what you move, think and feel. Day after day after day. 


And - consequently - you always get the same outcome. An outcome that is often expressed in your body as stiffness, soreness, pain… An outcome that is expressed in your mind as negative thoughts, self-doubt...


But the good news is: you can change that. You can modify your nervous system. At any age. 


This workshop is for you if one or more of these outcomes are currently true for you AND 

if you want to start changing them... 

- I feel pretty much constantly stressed. 

- Some parts of my body are really stiff. 

- My ability to move is restricted.

- My movement has changed due to an (old) injury. 

- I experience pain. 

- Emotions are trapped in my body. 

- I am not connected to my body. 


Join us if you want to work on this instead...

- I want to move easily, freely and with pleasure. 

- I want to release tension and maybe even pain.

- I want to be soft and strong, stabile and flexible in my joints and soft tissue.

- I want to have a better relationship with my own body.


Your body is (made for) movement. 

Movement is the main tool in this workshop. 

Anybody can do it. Expect it to be gentle.

This method is based on and inspired by the Feldenkrais method.

Moreover, texts and quotes will provide explanations, inspiration and source for thought.  


If you have doubts if this is for you, contact me and we’ll find out! 

info@kora-yoga.com // +49 176 619 855 64 (phone call or Whatsapp call) 


Weekend Workshop

Saturday, 9th May*: 12 - 19 h 

Sunday, 10th May*: 10 - 17:30 h 

*Location: Jean Monnetpark 43 in Apeldoorn (same as before)


Deepening Days - for those who are interested in even intensifying the physical, emotional and mental learning and transformation

Monday, 11th May**: 9:30 - 17 h 

Tuesday, 12th May**: 9:30 - 17 h 

Times are still approximate and will be confirmed :) 

**Location: Prins Willem Alexanderlaan 403


Private Sessions

I am available for private sessions on Thursday, Friday and Wednesday (7th / 8th / 13th May) and in the evenings on the workshop days upon request. Sessions are 90 minutes.


Make Your Booking :)

Spaces for the Workshop and the Deepening Days are limited. I expect the workshop to fill up. 


Prices include

- Workshop 

- Workshop material 

- After workshop class —> 90-120 min virtual group lesson and talk about 2-3 weeks after the workshop 

- Tea, coffee, fruit, snacks 



Workshop Saturday & Sunday: 250,- € (in total for both days)

Deepening Days Monday & Tuesday: 300,- € (in total for both days) 

Private Session: 105,- € (90 minutes)

You can either pay the full amount in order to save your spot or you pay a 100,- € deposit now and the rest two weeks before the workshop. 

In order to register please contact

Janneke Venema - Rebalancing Apeldoorn

info@rebalancing-apeldoorn.nl   //   624 79 66 44 


...and I am always available for questions, feedback, thoughts: info@kora-yoga.com   //   +49 176 619 855 64