Find more self-sensation, movement capacity, self-connection, awareness, self-understanding, relaxation! 


Refresher Day in Apeldoorn, Holland, Nov. 26. 

(had to be postponed, new date in 2021 will be announced!)

I will be back to Apeldoorn for a Refresher Day as well as Private Sessions to provide the opportunity to connect with your nervous system using the CFR method again. 



Refresher Day: We will take the day to explore soft and gentle but cleverly designed movement sequences that allow self-observation, self-connection, relaxation, learning, freedom and ease in movement.* 

Private Sessions: In an individual session we will first find out what it is that you are looking for and then I will treat you on the massage table so that you can experience movement passively, in a very relaxing and soothing way.



Refresher Day: Thursday, Nov 26, 9:30 - 17:30 h (times to be confirmed) (had to be postponed, new date in 2021 will be announced!)

Private Sessions: Wednesday, Nov 25, various time slots during the day



Refresher Day: Apeldoorn, Holistic Center in Jean Monnetpark 43

Private Sessions: Apeldoorn, Distelvlinderlaan 43


How much?

Refresher Day: 125 € (room rental, tea, coffee, snacks are included) 

Private Sessions: 105 € (90 min)  



Please contact me if your are interested in the workshop and/or private sessions and I will provide you with payment details. 

For the workshop we need a minimum of 7 participants and spots are limited to 10 people on the floor. 



For the Refresher Day I would be helpful to have attended one of the previous workshops or at least a few online classes. 

(Otherwise we can find another way of preparing you for the day)


Questions or doubts?

Please don’t hesitate to contact me!